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Talk to a friend with EFT

This is an idea I chanced upon through a casual comment by a good friend who I had introduced to EFT a while ago. She was having some issues at her workplace and started using EFT to deal with it. One evening as we were talking, she mentioned that EFT is like having a  friend  whom you can talk to about anything and I just felt how true the statement was.

So how can we use this in our practice with EFT? Some of us are lucky enough to have friends to whom we can talk just about anything, without being judged, laughed or being looked at as plain crazy. But for the others among us who have crossed the BFF stage in life, it is not that easy to have that one friend to who we can pour out our heart, we may have different friends with whom we discuss various matters, but that one package deal may be missing with everyone having their own challenges in life.

So for the lucky ones among us, when you have an issue or a problem and you call or cry on the shoulder of your BFF why not try tapping a…

The fear of the 'Big Change'

It is ironic that the moment we realize EFT works it gets scary, the kind of changes we can have once we let go of our issues, how our lives will change, getting out of our comfort zone where we have settled down cozily with the problems at hand, being comfortable with a bit of complaining about it on and off rather than face the changes a better life would bring in... more responsibilities? more friends? a bigger social circle? a more active life? more finances to manage? better weight?

 ... naaaaa..... who is ready to deal with all that ... this is a perfect place for us to be in... crib a little, complain on and off... and life will go on as is.... but to not feel guilty about not doing anything, we do skim along with a bit of EFT... just enough to not feel really miserable.... bit apart from that stay as close to the comfort zone as possible.

So how do we deal with this? yes a big change can be a real challenge, and that itself can lead to resistance .... in doing EFT itself.

You wa…