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Let's Tap.....

I just realized it has been a really long long time since I last wrote here, but that's not because I did not have anything to write, but sometimes there are so many things to write about that it becomes tough to prioritize.

Everyday morning as you wake up and look at the newspaper or just turn on the news, what do you feel?

Is there anything at all these days in the papers and the news channels that may even remotely bring cheer even in the most vague sort of way? How often do we go through the day feeling disturbed and not really sure why we are disturbed till we rewind and detect it to be a tiny part of news that was in some page 7 of any paper or just overhearing a snippet of the morning news while we ready ourselves for the day ( I personally have stopped listening to news because of this but still browse through the paper and of course when we have the internet, what else is needed).

Have we realized each day how much of stress do we dump on ourselves. This is apart from the …