Let's Tap.....

I just realized it has been a really long long time since I last wrote here, but that's not because I did not have anything to write, but sometimes there are so many things to write about that it becomes tough to prioritize.

Everyday morning as you wake up and look at the newspaper or just turn on the news, what do you feel?

Is there anything at all these days in the papers and the news channels that may even remotely bring cheer even in the most vague sort of way? How often do we go through the day feeling disturbed and not really sure why we are disturbed till we rewind and detect it to be a tiny part of news that was in some page 7 of any paper or just overhearing a snippet of the morning news while we ready ourselves for the day ( I personally have stopped listening to news because of this but still browse through the paper and of course when we have the internet, what else is needed).

Have we realized each day how much of stress do we dump on ourselves. This is apart from the work relates and traffic related stress.  We, like sponge, soak up the energy around us and if people around are stressed, it does become a toughie to maintain the cool dude attitude. It does get to us eventually. Some of us are more sensitive than others and we go about the whole day not knowing why are we feeling so yucky. It may just be because of soaking up what is around us.

Hey we are also equally good at giving out yucky energy we absorb to other people who soak it in.

But then there are those wonderful few who have learnt to rise above that.Those are the people, no matter how we are feeling, we always come out feeling so much better after talking to them for even a little while. It is not that they do not have horrible moments, but they know much better on how to step out of it and stay cheerful.

So would you like to give yourself a chance to be able to have a better shield around yourself from all attacks of negative energy and stress why not we all get together and tap. A few rounds of EFT to do just that and a few rounds of EFT to keep that smile on your face a lot longer.

Here is the deal - I am planning to have a group tapping session to lower the impact of the daily stress. I'll have my own points and those who are willing to join in are most welcome to share their points and we will all do EFT on it.

For now I am proposing the last Saturday of each month for the group tapping. ( we will see how it goes and work further on it) . The session will be at my residence. Details will be sent personally who wish to join in and yes it is in Bangalore...:)  The session is FREE and it will last for 1.5 - 2 hours. Since it is group tapping on a common topic, we will not be spending too much time on introduction of EFT. I would request you to go through my previous blogs for the same.

You are also welcome to suggest more topics for the group tapping. The most suggested topics will be taken up on a priority basis.

So shall we meet and do a bit of stress busting? The last Saturday of this month is on 24th. We will meet from 10:30 am - 12 noon and really hope to see you all. Let's tap, laugh and find a way to keep the stress away...:)

If you would like to learn EFT or both EFT and some effective visualization technique, feel free to contact me tharang_b9@yahoo.com for further details.

I work with individuals as well as small groups. (Small groups help in better interaction with each person) . Do try it out. You will be glad you did.

Disclaimer: EFT is not a replacement or alternative for any kind of medical treatment in any medical condition.This is not a  medical or psychological advice. While EFT and other forms of energy psychology have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered in the experimental stage, and thus, whomever chooses to incorporate these tools must take full and complete responsibility for their use of them. EFT and other Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology methods address the underlying energetic patterns of the human body with the intention to help the seeker understand how to bring balance and harmony to your energy system. 


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