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Let's Tap.....

I just realized it has been a really long long time since I last wrote here, but that's not because I did not have anything to write, but sometimes there are so many things to write about that it becomes tough to prioritize.

Everyday morning as you wake up and look at the newspaper or just turn on the news, what do you feel?

Is there anything at all these days in the papers and the news channels that may even remotely bring cheer even in the most vague sort of way? How often do we go through the day feeling disturbed and not really sure why we are disturbed till we rewind and detect it to be a tiny part of news that was in some page 7 of any paper or just overhearing a snippet of the morning news while we ready ourselves for the day ( I personally have stopped listening to news because of this but still browse through the paper and of course when we have the internet, what else is needed).

Have we realized each day how much of stress do we dump on ourselves. This is apart from the …

Talk to a friend with EFT

This is an idea I chanced upon through a casual comment by a good friend who I had introduced to EFT a while ago. She was having some issues at her workplace and started using EFT to deal with it. One evening as we were talking, she mentioned that EFT is like having a  friend  whom you can talk to about anything and I just felt how true the statement was.

So how can we use this in our practice with EFT? Some of us are lucky enough to have friends to whom we can talk just about anything, without being judged, laughed or being looked at as plain crazy. But for the others among us who have crossed the BFF stage in life, it is not that easy to have that one friend to who we can pour out our heart, we may have different friends with whom we discuss various matters, but that one package deal may be missing with everyone having their own challenges in life.

So for the lucky ones among us, when you have an issue or a problem and you call or cry on the shoulder of your BFF why not try tapping a…

The fear of the 'Big Change'

It is ironic that the moment we realize EFT works it gets scary, the kind of changes we can have once we let go of our issues, how our lives will change, getting out of our comfort zone where we have settled down cozily with the problems at hand, being comfortable with a bit of complaining about it on and off rather than face the changes a better life would bring in... more responsibilities? more friends? a bigger social circle? a more active life? more finances to manage? better weight?

 ... naaaaa..... who is ready to deal with all that ... this is a perfect place for us to be in... crib a little, complain on and off... and life will go on as is.... but to not feel guilty about not doing anything, we do skim along with a bit of EFT... just enough to not feel really miserable.... bit apart from that stay as close to the comfort zone as possible.

So how do we deal with this? yes a big change can be a real challenge, and that itself can lead to resistance .... in doing EFT itself.

You wa…

Tapping with Negative and a bit of gratitude.

It can be really frustrating at times when we feel deprived or have severe feelings of lack and no matter how much we try we cannot look at the positive side of things.

Here is small tweak to EFT Tapping that can be tried out in such circumstances. Gratitude is a wonderful thing and when we have difficulty in feeling any gratitude try this:

An Example -

KC- Even though I am feeling very lonely and I have no friends, I still profoundly love accept and forgive myself. (3 times)

EB- I feel lonely, I've no friends.
SE-  I am thankful for all the good friendships I've had.
UE-  I am feeling so bad I've no one around me right now.
UN- I am thankful for all the times I've had wonderful people around me to talk to , have fun with etc.
CH- I am afraid I am beyond the making friends point in life.
CB- I am glad I am still capable of caring, feeling and sharing and that's a wonderful thing.
UA- I hate being lonely.
TH- I am still capable of being a good friend and I am thankful for thi…

Thoughts Vs Emotions

For those who have been practicing EFT for a while and the new comers to EFT, it is really simple that once we have done a couple of rounds of EFT, it reveals a lot of things to us. When new emotions come up, it is really good, all we have to do is address them with another round of EFT.

But sometimes our sweet intellect takes over and we start getting a number of thoughts, some memories, some perceived thoughts where we start analyzing the thoughts as possible connections to the issue at hand and start tapping on them. This takes us away from the issue.
I hope you are with me so far and are getting what I am trying to say.

For Example if the issue at hand is you are feeling bad about something someone said to you, after a couple of rounds of tapping ideas come to your head and you start tapping " Even though I think xyz said this to me because..... " That becomes analysis rather than focusing on emotions.

Even if such a thought does come to your head, focus on the emotion …

Letting go - Discover the power within

We have all heard of letting go, we know there are times when we really have to let go, but how many times can we truly let go and how many times have we woken up to sheer magic and miracles when we have totally let go, most times because we have got distracted from the problem at hand by some other problem...:) or we just give up because we are just too tired to fight it anymore and voila..magic... suddenly things just seem to fall into place or get resolved magically... :) feels wonderful doesn't it?

So what did we do there that changed things? when we got distracted or just too tired of bothering? what snapped?

It is our emotional attachment or investment to the issue or problem. The moment we let go of it, we stop holding on to the problem in the current state as we perceive it with all our emotions. The moment we stop perceiving it as we have it has to change, vanish, get better.

So we have been doing this pretty much as a default behavior, feel awesome when we stop thinking ab…

EFT - The wholesome tool

It was in 2008 while I was going through a difficult phase and I was ready to try anything to get out of it that I chanced upon EFT while one of my extensive googling. ( Now a days they keep sending me captcha to confirm I am no robot) . Well anyways I had no idea what EFT was, but what I read impressed me, I checked every possible site and went through every possible material available on EFT and then I knew I needed a teacher. EFT is very easy to learn, no doubt about it, but a teacher's touch does add the needed magic in the initial stages after which it takes wings of its own, pretty much like a baby bird, it has wings, it sees other birds fly, but it does need its parents in the first few flights.

My next step was to find me a teacher and after another round of extensive googling I came across The Healing Circle, a site of Jayashree Ashok. I got in touch over phone and the moment I called I knew I had found my teacher. One the most sweetest and most supportive teacher ever, …