EFT - The wholesome tool

It was in 2008 while I was going through a difficult phase and I was ready to try anything to get out of it that I chanced upon EFT while one of my extensive googling. ( Now a days they keep sending me captcha to confirm I am no robot) . Well anyways I had no idea what EFT was, but what I read impressed me, I checked every possible site and went through every possible material available on EFT and then I knew I needed a teacher. EFT is very easy to learn, no doubt about it, but a teacher's touch does add the needed magic in the initial stages after which it takes wings of its own, pretty much like a baby bird, it has wings, it sees other birds fly, but it does need its parents in the first few flights.

My next step was to find me a teacher and after another round of extensive googling I came across The Healing Circle, a site of Jayashree Ashok. I got in touch over phone and the moment I called I knew I had found my teacher. One the most sweetest and most supportive teacher ever, she was there for every query I had, every session I needed and in a span of just about 2 months I had this confidence that with EFT I am not alone on any challenge. (I started to look forward to challenges I could deal with EFT... :) )

So what is this EFT ?
EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique. Found by Gary Craig in the 1990's, it is a technique wherein you tap on certain meridian points gently with your fingers while we acknowledge and let go of our emotional attachments to the issues faced by us. Here issues can mean just about anything that we face in our daily life, relationships, job, finances, health, phobias, addictions and anything else you can come up with.

EFT can also be used to enhance your positive aspects. Do your daily affirmations with EFT for a lot more benefit. But it does always help to get rid of the negatives first before filling in the positives.

So how does just tapping on some meridian points while trying not to look silly help in getting over our problems?  Each of our problems has an emotional aspect to it. By emotional aspect I mean 'a feeling'  that keeps us attached to our problem and that feeling can vary from anything anger, fear, anxiety, desperation, frustration and the list goes on. Sometimes we feel we have no identity if not for a problem, the problem becomes our identity and the fear of losing our identity keeps us from letting go of any problem. EFT helps us in doing just that, recognizing our emotional attachment to our problem and tapping on the meridian points does just that, releasing the stored emotions. It might bring up other emotions, like peeling an onion, the underlying emotions that we did not know existed start coming out as well and layer by layer the entire problem is dealt with from the core as  a result of which recurrence is nil or minimal.

How soon do the changes occur?
The changes can be seen in few days, few hours and sometimes even in few minutes. For deep rooted problems it can take longer, but stage by stage shift will definitely be seen. The key is persistence, the moment the problem becomes tolerable and the high intensity of the emotion is gone, we generally get into a comfort zone and start living with it. But the change that can be seen with persistent practice and the shift that happens when the problem is completely released is magical.

Can you practice EFT on your own?
Of course you can, but in the starting stages it is helpful to have someone walk you through it. But there is nothing to stop you from trying it out on your own.

What is EFT helpful in resolving?
Let's just say your imagination is your limit to use EFT and you can use EFT to improve your imagination. It is not just used for getting rid of the negativity but also to enhance positive aspects. Some people have even used it to fix inanimate objects.  I remember when I was a newbie to EFT I taught it to a friend whose platelet count was low, she was a young kid then and blindly followed what I taught her. The doctors were amazed to see the change in less than 2 weeks. All she had was the belief and the willingness to try. I use it on almost a daily basis just to have a smoother life and lately I've been using it to work on improving creativity.

What are the EFT Tapping points?
EFT tapping points:
•    Head - top of the head

•    Eyebrow – on your eyebrow on the side nearest to you nose

•    Side of the eye – on the bony part of the eye socket at the side of your eye

•    Under the eye – on the bony part of the eye socket under your eye

•    Under the nose – between your nose and your upper lip

•    Chin – at the crease between your chin and your lower lip

•    Collar bone – on your upper ribs right next to where your collar bone and breastbone meet

•    Sore spot – a “tender spot” below your collar bone and above your breast (and rather than tapping this spot, rub it)

•    Under the arm – on the side of your body 2-3 inches below your armpit

•    Ribs – on the side of your body down at your lowest ribs

•    Fingers – on each finger on the side closest to the thumb where the nail and skin meet

•    Karate chop – on the edge of you hand below your little finger (the edge you would use to make a karate chop)

•    9-Gamut – on the back of your hand between and below the knuckles of your little finger and ring finger

The above details may look a bit overwhelming in the 1st look, but trust me, this is by far the most user friendly tools that you can have as your ally.

After EFT, since by nature I am an extremely curious person I did learn a lot more tools among which was dowsing from Raymon Grace. During this I learnt further how to better use the power of visualization, ( Learnt it initially with the Silva method) . But as I learnt all this there are 2 things that still do play a very important role, in any method you choose to use, one is your intent and the other is belief.  With this you can work wonders.

If you would like to learn EFT or both EFT and some effective visualization technique, feel free to contact me tharang_b9@yahoo.com for further details.

I work with individuals as well as small groups. (Small groups help in better interaction with each person) . Do try it out. You will be glad you did.

Please stay tuned... more to come....

Disclaimer: EFT is not a replacement or alternative for any kind of medical treatment in any medical condition.This is not a  medical or psychological advice. While EFT and other forms of energy psychology have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered in the experimental stage, and thus, whomever chooses to incorporate these tools must take full and complete responsibility for their use of them. EFT and other Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology methods address the underlying energetic patterns of the human body with the intention to help the seeker understand how to bring balance and harmony to your energy system. 


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