Tapping with Negative and a bit of gratitude.

It can be really frustrating at times when we feel deprived or have severe feelings of lack and no matter how much we try we cannot look at the positive side of things.

Here is small tweak to EFT Tapping that can be tried out in such circumstances. Gratitude is a wonderful thing and when we have difficulty in feeling any gratitude try this:

An Example -

KC- Even though I am feeling very lonely and I have no friends, I still profoundly love accept and forgive myself. (3 times)

EB- I feel lonely, I've no friends.
SE-  I am thankful for all the good friendships I've had.
UE-  I am feeling so bad I've no one around me right now.
UN- I am thankful for all the times I've had wonderful people around me to talk to , have fun with etc.
CH- I am afraid I am beyond the making friends point in life.
CB- I am glad I am still capable of caring, feeling and sharing and that's a wonderful thing.
UA- I hate being lonely.
TH- I am still capable of being a good friend and I am thankful for this awareness that will help me take the right action.

The basic idea is for every bit of negativity, try to put in a sentence of gratitude and do a final gratitude round.

Do look up this wonderful article by Dr. Carol Look  The Argument Tapping Technique

If you would like to learn EFT or both EFT and some effective visualization technique, feel free to contact me tharang_b9@yahoo.com for further details.

I work with individuals as well as small groups. (Small groups help in better interaction with each person) . Do try it out. You will be glad you did.

Disclaimer: EFT is not a replacement or alternative for any kind of medical treatment in any medical condition.This is not a  medical or psychological advice. While EFT and other forms of energy psychology have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered in the experimental stage, and thus, whomever chooses to incorporate these tools must take full and complete responsibility for their use of them. EFT and other Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology methods address the underlying energetic patterns of the human body with the intention to help the seeker understand how to bring balance and harmony to your energy system. 


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